About Us

THE H2H FILM BOOTCAMP: In each semester long H2H workshop, indie filmmakers will mentor up to 15 high school or middle school youth through the process of writing, producing, directing, and editing a short film on a social-justice topic close to their heart. During this process, students will learn to combine the effective art-forms of music (Hip-Hop) & film with an immersion into social activism in order to spotlight issues relevant in their communities while gaining hands on experience as both directors and crew members.The Bootcamp will culminate in a mini film festival held at your school, where students will have the opportunity to have their work viewed by their peers.The top five films from each Bootcamp will be showcased in a one day film festival held at the prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM Cinemas). The participating students will have their films viewed by community leaders, local activist, their family & peers, as well as, by members of the general public. The Hip-Hop2Hollywood Film Festival will end with the traditional awards ceremony to honor the top three filmmakers for their cinematic and social justice achievement. The H2H Film Bootcamp is designed with one main goal in mind: To break the growing chain of APATHY among today’s youth.

Throughout history, art has been used as an outlet for social-justice and peaceful resistance.For decades artist have used Hip-Hop as a tool for self-empowerment and to speak out against issues prevalent within urban communities…Since the early 90’s, the Documentary Film genre has experienced a revival. With the rise of the digital era, the genre has managed to revolutionize itself and emerge as the frontrunner platform for distributing new information to the masses…Imagine the fusion of social-justice with these two powerful art forms IN THE HANDS OF TODAY’S URBAN YOUTH!

There are few things you can do if you are interested in bringing the H2H Film Bootcamp to your school.

1. We will be happy to meet with your principal, vice principal, or after-school coordinator to discuss bringing our program to your school.

2. You can purchase the four DVD H2H Video curriculum that comes complete with a professional development tutorial so your teachers can learn teach the H2H Film Bootcamp themselves.

3. You can purchase the video compilation of last years student films as teaching tools.

If you are interested in any of the above three options, please contact us via phone or email. Just go to our contact page for all the info.